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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Not a rant

I just found this little questionnaire on my friend Detsune42's blog and thought I'd post it to try to retain some interest. I don't think there's anything too controversial in here, apart from the occasional Ann Kulturkampf reference. (My little joke, see, Coulter means culture I think, and Kulturkampf means cultural war, so it's funny right? RIGHT?!) Anyway, it's kind of fun, so if anybody wants to try it, you can get it from Det-chan's blog on LiveJournal (yeah, I know). Just look up Detsune42...yes I know that her posts are more interesting than mine...and yes, I know that this questionnaire was posted 6 months ago...just read it already!

About You

Preferred name: Anyone reading this that doesn't know my name, doesn't need to. And don't call me Jason.

Preferred location: Andre's Confisserie Suisse

Defining age: Probably 12 or 13

Be Honest

Name: ibid

Location: My room in Merriam

Age: 28.9808 (approximate)

Define Yourself

What's true: I really am a little self-centered... I tend to be over-critical of myself and others. I'm easily amused, most of the time. I'm not at all OCD, in fact, most of my friends wish I were.

What's misrepresented: I really don't care that much about being right. I know nobody believes me here, and I can hardly offer proof, but it's NOT that big a deal to me. I don't really hate republicans, or Christians, or anybody, they just scare me. I actually care about people much more than usually comes across. I just find it a little embarassing, so I don't talk about it.

#1 goal in life: To squeeze the maximum possible results from the minimum possible effort.

Habits: Cleaning my ears and nose in public (drives people insane). Making faces.

Things You Did, Good and Bad

As a toddler: I fell out of my bunk bed, achieving the small scar on the side of my head. I don't have any recollection of this (or most things really), but it's true that I prefer my mattress to be as low as possible. I'm also told that it was hard to get my attention, resulting in my hair getting pulled occasionally...guess how much I've got now. Along less Freudian lines, I'm told that I ate a bottle of children's tylenol and expressed an ambition to be god. Oh, and I apparently was potty-trained.

In elementary school: Whined and complained a lot, I suppose. Switched schools, switched back, then switched out altogether (not of school, just that school). Yeah, I don't really remember this part either.

In middle/high school: Um... hung out with the wrong kind of people... studied German, visited Germany twice,... As embarassing as it is, I don't remember too much of this part either. Oh, I think I tried to be some kind of pagan at one point.

In college: My real education began. I studied education, then history, then theater, then actuarial science (not really a science), then mathematics, then education again, and I'm going back for more math real soon. I discovered Nietzsche. I may have fallen in love several times, but it's so hard to be sure. I met most of my current cohort, the two...four exceptions. I met a little Asian girl who had to fly away to Singapore. And an American girl that flew away to Japan. I generally had a real good time.

Things You Do

Read: Voraciously. I read the entire Chronicles of Narnia in a week and a half, and I didn't even like them. Right now I'm reading manga at home, and the history of Hinduism at work. I also check internet news constantly, and often read articles from Wikipedia. It's possible that I read too much, actually.

Watch: Anime, mostly, but movies and old TV shows as well. It's definitely possible that I watch too much of this stuff.

Sports: Are you kidding? This is the MathBuddha we're talking about here! I did get schooled pretty bad at ping pong a few days ago. And I like badminton, but haven't played in a very long time.

Write: ...nothing...just the occasional rant on my blog. There are several things I would like to write, but I never have.

See: uh...whatever I point my head at? Unless I have my eyes closed...hmmm... The forest for the trees? The big picture? My monitor right now?

Hear: Music, music, music. Right now I'm way into Elvis Costello, but most of you know that. I enjoy a wide variety of sounds, including Tchaikovsky, Tom Waits, the B-52s, and a whole lot of other stuff. Oh, and Deathmask! I've got David Bowie on my winamp at the moment, but I'm not feeling it. Because that would be wrong.

Love: Humans. Honestly, I love everything about humans. I love human stories, human emotions, human kindness, and even human cruelty. I love the grandeur and the pettiness of the human spirit. I love human love and even human suffering, or at least humans that suffer. Read the prologue of Thus Spake Zarathustra for further details. I could go on for pages. I also love food (perhaps too much), music, and of course, my friends and family above all. I also love America, despite what Ann Coulter claims (I hope I misspelled her name).

Things You Don't

Read: John Grisham. The Da Vinci Code. Romance novels. My friend Yellow Dancer's work that she HASN'T SENT ME YET!!!

Watch: Anything on TV right now. Yes, TV sucks these days. Apart from the Colbert Report and the Daily Show, I can't think of anything I'd sit still for. Maybe Law & Order, if I had nothing better to do. Or football when it's in season. TV is awful.

Sports: Cricket.

Write: My friends often enough. All those stories I have in mind. This blog.

See: The trees for the forest. But I do try. The appeal of Reality TV. I really don't.

Hear: The radio. I can't stand popular music either. C'est crap, as the French might say. I've also never heard anyone with a legitimate grievance against gay marriage. Stop hating!

Love: I don't love my fellow humans as much as I would like to. I don't love my computer, though I do use it a lot. I don't love cigarettes or cigarette smoke, I don't care if they are hand-rolled. I don't love coffee. I don't love people trying to control me or tell me that I'm wrong, or especially jumping to conclusions about me. And after last night, I don't love the Jerusalem Cafe, either.

Favorites (Ha ha! Just because I said "I wanna know more..." doesn't mean I won't ask.)

Place(s) to be: I already mentioned Andre's. Wherever my friends are, mostly. And my parents' place. It's neat.

Thing(s) to do: Play games. Watch good shows or movies. Listen to good music. Eat, alas, alas. Call my friends rude names.

Person(s) to be with: Well, my mom and dad are certainly at the top of the list, followed in no particular order by my brothers, my sister-in-law, the rest of my family, my friends and co-workers (mostly), and most definitely whoever is reading this right now. Hi there! Give me a call sometime!

Things You Always

Wear: A belt. Sandals if I can. Very little hair.

Spell wrong: Embarassing (I could be doing it right now). Picninc. I mean picnic. Ann Coulter's name I hope.

Say wrong: Problee (say it)

Complain about: The government, American education, conservatives, the state of the world, other peoples' movies, music and shows, people that complain a lot, ... pretty much whatever's on my mind.

Compliment on: Not enough, that's for sure. Food mostly, especially if made by someone I know. I try to say nice things about new hairstyles, clothing, etc. I never, ever tell people what wonderful people they are, especially my mom and dad. More stuff that I find a bit awkward.

Wanted and don't have: Not a lot. Really. More money, just so I could be lazier. A personal staff. Lower standards for my writing. A few other things I'd rather not mention. A TI CBL2. They're pretty sweet.

Wanted and have: Great friends. Plenty of entertainment. A pleasant (dang it I forgot pleasant) work environment. A loving family. A world filled with incredible and wonderful human beings.

Promise and don't do: Most of the things I promise to do, I do do eventually, but sometimes it takes me a while. For that matter, I rarely make promises, because I don't like responsibility, and I take promises pretty seriously. An unspoken promise that I have trouble keeping is staying in touch with people. Why is that so difficult?

Promise and do: my bills on time. Show up on time for work (almost always). I always try to show respect for, and think charitably of, my fellow humans. Sometimes it even happens!

So maybe now you know a few things about me that you didn't know before. If anyone reads this and doesn't have a blog of their own, feel free to post the entire questionnaire as a comment. Those of you that have blogs, make sure to let me know where they are. I'm thinking mostly of Amanda here. Anyway, see you next time.


At 5:13 PM, Blogger theCallowQueen said...

You don't post often, but when you do, I know I'm going to get something good to read. :)

At 1:34 PM, Blogger YellowDancer21 said...

I'm feeling majorly guilty now. You totally burned me. I forgot that I was going to send you my writings... I've just gotten so distracted by my new writings.
Aside from that, I really enjoyed reading this. Lizalou certainly came up with one interesting questionnaire, didn't she?
I'll chat with you more about it tonight. I'm looking forward to dinner!

At 6:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You did fill it out! XD

I don't recall much of m/h-school, and it's better that way, am I right?

"And an American girl that flew away to Japan." Aw, I'm referenced. ;)

"I'm reading manga at home, and the history of Hinduism at work. " You're so ecclectic. You're reading a lot to make up for my lack of...

"Stop hating!" Here! Here!

"Call my friends rude names." Jerk.

"...and most definitely whoever is reading this right now. Hi there! Give me a call sometime!" Can you get Skype? I'd love to talk with you.

Problee. Yup, I do it, too.

Det-chan? XD XD


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